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Customer Service Standards

Arts Council of Wales is dedicated to offering the best possible service standards to its customers.

Our Customer Care Service Standards have been developed in accordance with our Code of Best Practice, the five core principles for customer service as outlined in the Welsh Government’s ‘Making the Connections’ and the joint DCMS Customer Service Charter.

Among the customer service standards that we uphold are:

  • Customers will be dealt with professionally and politely, shown care and dignity, courtesy and consideration. Customers and staff will treat each other on the basis of mutual respect.
  • We will always be helpful and supportive and will conduct ourselves with integrity, impartiality and honesty.
  • Staff will implement Arts Council of Wales policies and procedures with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We will make sure we are easy to contact, and that we answer phone calls, e-mails and letters quickly and efficiently, taking account of people’s different communication needs.

Our Code of Best Practice also outlines how we handle complaints made by members of the public.

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