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Launch of Creative Learning through the Arts – an Action Plan for Wales

A £20million, five-year action plan, setting out how learners in Wales engage with the arts will be launched by Welsh Ministers in the Senedd, Cardiff Bay, today (Tuesday 3 March). 03 Mar 2015

Launch of Creative Learning through the Arts – an Action Plan for Wales

Creative Learning through the Arts is the response of Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales to Professor Dai Smith’s independent report, Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales.

The Arts Council of Wales will be responsible for the implementation of the plan, working with partners in the regional education consortia, local authorities and arts organisations and practitioners.

Creative Learning through the Arts has three main aims:

· to improve attainment through creativity;

· to increase and improve arts opportunities in our schools; and

· to support our teachers and arts practitioners to develop their skills in order to deliver improved outcomes for learners.

The plan supports the Welsh Government’s three key education priorities - improving literacy, numeracy and reducing the impact of poverty on attainment.

An important element of the action plan will encourage schools across Wales, many from disadvantaged areas, to become part of a new Lead Creative Schools Scheme. This will bring creative practitioners – artists, musicians, actors, film makers, designers – into schools to work together with pupils and teachers.

In addition, an All-Wales Arts and Education Programme will be set up which will enable schools to draw on the knowledge and practice of artists, arts and cultural organisations to improve and complement teaching across the curriculum.

Four regional networks will also be established to share best practice, encourage partnership working, and provide training opportunities for arts and cultural organisations to tailor their offer to meet the needs of schools and the curriculum.

A new arts and creative learning portal will be developed later this year to communicate the various opportunities available.

In his recent report, Successful Futures, which followed an independent review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales, Professor Graham Donaldson has reaffirmed the importance of creativity. Welsh Government is currently considering its response to Professor Donaldson’s call for fundamental change.

The Education Minister, Huw Lewis said:

"The arts fire up our imagination, inspire us and help us develop new skills. I want young people, particularly from less well-off backgrounds, to have greater access to high quality arts and creative experiences in schools throughout Wales.

"We’ve worked closely with the Arts Council of Wales to develop the plan and will be working closely with the regional education consortia, partners in local authorities, education and the wider arts sector in its delivery.

"I’m confident the actions we’ve identified will provide learners, from all backgrounds, with greater exposure to the arts and enable them to take advantage of the many benefits that the arts have to offer.

The Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ken Skates said:

"I want to see pupils across Wales have ample opportunities to participate and importantly enjoy the arts. There are so many benefits to active participation, from developing new skills to boosting self-esteem. This is vital for a rounded education that equips young people for the future.

"For some young people school is their first experience of the arts. Through this action plan we are ensuring all children, regardless of background, get to take part in the arts and discover the positive things that can be achieved through imagination and creativity."

Professor Dai Smith added:

"My report of 2013 presented Government with a key challenge – embed arts and creativity in our schools across Wales and there will be a sea-change in attendance, aspiration and importantly achievement. The Welsh Government has responded with vigour and commitment and I look forward to seeing Creative Learning Through the Arts delivering the benefits that our schools deserve and need."


The Creative Learning through the Arts Action Plan will be jointly funded by £10m lottery money from Arts Council of Wales and £10m from Welsh Government.

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