Arts Council of Wales | Arts Council of Wales’ globally recognised Creative learning through the arts programme releases 2017-18 annual report
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Arts Council of Wales’ globally recognised Creative learning through the arts programme releases 2017-18 annual report

The Arts Council of Wales has released the 2017-18 annual report for its ground-breaking Creative learning through the arts Programme. 10 Apr 2019

The report outlines the programme’s vital statistics, as well as giving a voice to pupils, teachers, and artists from across Wales, and explores the very real and tangible difference that this programme continues to make across Wales' education and arts landscape.

Wales’ Minister of Education, Kirsty Williams, describing the scheme’s impact, said:

"Creative learning through the arts, has now reached more than 63% of schools in Wales. This means that nearly 91,000 pupils have learned about the arts and culture, participated in the arts, and developed creative skills across the curriculum. This is testament to the fantastic achievements of all the teachers, creative professionals and learners who have taken part."

Arts Council of Wales Chief Executive, Nick Capaldi, said:

""We have seen really interesting projects that have got to the heart of persistent and difficult issues that some schools have to deal with. In this report, you can see some tremendous examples of really inspiring teaching. All of this combines to really change the nature of how a whole range of subjects are taught in schools."

Some key figures for the 2017-18 academic year include:

· Over 900 Teachers trained in the final Lead Creative Schools Scheme cohort.

· 258 Go & See grants have been awarded this yearn benefitting 8050 pupils.

· 90,800 Learners have benefitted from the scheme overall.

· 950 State maintained schools have been involved to date.

The annual report includes interactive maps to allow you to see where programme activity has been happening in each area. There are several film case studies capturing the activity that has happened across this year and quotes directly from participants. One Lead Creative School teacher said:
"That will be one of the lasting legacies of the project—that creativity is equally as important as literacy, numeracy, science and all the other traditional topics."

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