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Let’s celebrate! Creative learning through the arts

The Arts Council of Wales in partnership with Welsh Government is hosting a 5 day celebration at the beginning of April to highlight the wealth of learning arising from its ground-breaking programme, Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales. 25 Mar 2019

Let’s celebrate! Creative learning through the arts

Let’s celebrate! Creative learning through the arts is a series of free events taking place between 2 and- 6 April in Cardiff. It will highlight all areas of the programme; both the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and the All-Wales Arts and Education Offer including Creative Collaborations projects and the Regional Arts and Education Networks activity.

Examples highlighting the importance of bringing arts and creativity into the classroom will include discussions, live and interactive activities, creative learning training, performances and exhibition work giving visitors an opportunity to engage directly with the work being delivered pan-Wales.

Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, said today:

"Creative Learning through the Arts: an action plan for Wales 2015-2020, supported with funding from the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales, has now reached over 70 per cent of schools in Wales.

"Creativity is at the front and centre of our transformative new curriculum. That is why Expressive Arts will be one of the six Areas of Learning and Experience and one of the curriculum’s four purposes - supporting our children and young people to be enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work.

"This event is a fantastic opportunity for all schools in Wales to begin the process of working towards integrating the creative aspects of the four purposes of Education in Wales: Our national mission, Action Plan 2017-21."

Sian James, Programme Manager for Creative learning through the arts also said:

"This creative learning programme is about more than improving access to the arts in schools. It is about harnessing the arts, and using creative techniques, to transform teaching and learning across the whole curriculum, and improve attainment in literacy and numeracy.

"Over 100,000 pupils have now benefitted and we’ve already started to see that by nurturing and developing the creativity of our learners, theyre taking steps to achieve their academic potential and grow as well-rounded individuals. We are closing the gap between the best and least well performing pupils. This is testament to the fantastic achievements of all the teachers, creative professionals and learners who have taken part."

This event will be a showcase for the programme’s excellent work. Teachers, artists and learners from far and wide will come together to demonstrate the difference bringing arts and creativity into the classroom can make, how it supports the variety of ways in which learners learn and give visitors the opportunity to hear first-hand about the excitement of working more collaboratively. The event takes place in various places in Cardiff Bay including the Senedd, Portland House and the Wales Millennium Centre.

Please click here to see the Festival Timetable.

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